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Kareena kapoor and saif ali khan the wedding

Kareena and Saif who has been dating the past five years finally tying the knot with each other in Saifs residence where the couple during the marriage register 16 and in the evening they have a great celebration at the Taj Mahal Hotel. 

Kareena Kapoor close friend and fashion designer Manish Malothra say that just say wedding promise at the Taj Mahal Hotel and there is no "Saath pheras". Almost the house is filled with the stars of bollywood hope they.

Second Kareena and Saif have been in the news because they were dating, and were often asked by the media when a married until finally they did!

42-year-old actor Saif known as Chote Navab from bollywood he is the son of cricketer and last titular Nawab Pataudi, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi end, and the actress Sharmila Tagore.  

Saif married actress Amrita Singh earler in 1991 and also has two children Sara and Ibrahim ali khan ali khan.54 years old actress Amrita Singh is 12 years old for Saif they separated in 2004.

And do not see each other ever since. The interesting part is when saif married 10-year-old Kareena and Saif and marriage Amritas attended.

Saif again come into the news because his girl Roza, which is an Italian model. Everyone thought that he had dropped out because Roza says Kareena Kareena but not in the scene when it happened.

 In 2007 and kareena saif come into the marriage relationship causes.

Kareena is 31 years old and known as Bebbo of bollywood. Shahid kapoor is her ex-boyfriend. They disbanded in jab we met specified. Everyone thinks that this is a publicity stunt or their upcoming new movie (jab we met). But it was cleared when he announced that he fell in love with Saif. And the most famous of shahid kareena mms and they are kissing.

So finally kareena saif and married I hope this does not have surprises. And we hope that having a long life and a happy marriage.
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